Unmasking the heir of Slytherin (Ch. 16: Time is running out) COMIX!

I am not even half way done with this episode! This is as far as I got! I hope the style is okay, I kind of like it. I know Hermione doesn't look like herself here, but I guess after war she changed  little bit. :) Hope you love it, enchantingelana. Also, I will edit this journal as I progress with this comic. When I am done with another page I'll post it on this journal so it would not be too confusing.
By the way, here is my favorite moment so far in this fanfiction. It is exactly word for word from enchantingelana's story.

“Granger” he called out when she was about to climb up the stairs. “Stay behind, we need to talk” his voice sounded very controlled and she bit her lips feeling worried. She turned around and held her breath. Merlin, both of his hands were clenched into fists and his face had a dark expression. She had disagreed with him before and she hadn’t thought it would anger him so much. As soon as Bones and Longbottom disappeared into their rooms he drew his wand and pointed it at her. Hermione froze and her heart beat speed up. He was seriously mad at her and now she wished she hadn’t said anything at all. “Don’t ever undermine my authority like that” he suddenly shouted making her jump. Okay so he was angry because she had disagreed with him in front of all the other heads but maybe sending his right hand man to the hospital wing also had something to do with it.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason your angry or is it because I sent your best friend Malfoy to the hospital wing” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop herself and she immediately regretted it. She should have kept quiet and now all her weeks of hard work to keep calm was going to go down the drain. He looked like he was going to explode and his expression turned seriously frightening. She couldn’t ever recall seeing him so angry and goose bumps formed on her arms. She was about to draw her wand but he non-verbally summoned it before she even got the chance. Her eyes widened as she watched her wand neatly land on the palm of his left hand.

“Silencio” he said pointing at her throat. Her wand was gone and she couldn’t make a sound anymore. Her heart started to beat really fast. This was exactly the kind of thing she wanted to avoid and from the looks of it he was going do something really harmful. She tried to run up to her room and with a wave of his wand he surrounded her with a circle of fire. Hermione let out a soundless scream and huddled in the centre with a frightened expression. He made the fire vanish and grabbed her by the hair. She struggled in his grasp and he threw her onto the floor. Her nose banged into the stony ground and it started to heavily bleed. She tried to get up and he kicked her back down making her silently cry out. She lay still breathing through her mouth and her tears merged with the blood leaking onto the floor. He sat on the floor across her and she slowly looked up. “Malfoy is not my friend” he said moving closer and she crawled back a few inches.

He suddenly raked his hand deep into her hair and painfully pulled her into a sitting position. With his hand still buried in her hair he stared at her unblinking and Hermione didn’t dare move in case she made the situation worse. Blood dribbled onto her chin as she fearfully stared back at him. “Malfoy is not my friend” he suddenly repeated in a low voice. “If you ever say he is, you’re going to be really sorry Granger” his eyes took on a haunted look and he looked absolutely mad. He roughly tugged on her hair making her wince. “You’re going to be really sorry Granger” he repeated. “You’re going to be really sorry” he continued to stare at her. “Students respect me because their either afraid of me or they admire the way I look” he said softly and his voice had a hint of sadness to it.

He gently let go of her hair and pointed his wand at her. Her eyes widened in fear and she backed away. “Don’t move” he hissed making her freeze. He muttered an incantation and repaired her nose. With her heart drumming away at a maddening speed she blinked several times in surprise. She had been expecting him to do her more harm, not heal her. He conjured a goblet and she stared at the goblet with an unsure expression. “Agumenti” he said filling the goblet with water. What was he going to do now? Mix in poison and force feed it to her. He placed a hand in his pocket and pulled something out. She stared at his closed hand with a panicked look. It might be poison or something worse like veritaserum. He opened his hand to reveal a white hankerchief with a green and silver S embroidered on one side. A hankerchief she thought confused. What was he going to do with that?

He picked up the goblet and drew closer with an uncertain look. He set the goblet down and knelt in front of her. He had never been this close to her before and she saw a glimmer of fear in his eyes like he was afraid of their closeness. She had no idea what he was doing and she was too scared to move back. He dipped the hankerchief into the goblet and pulled it out all wet. He waited until the water drops stopped falling from the material, then he carefully folded it and held it up with a shaky hand. He slowly brought the soaking wet cloth closer to her face and she momentarily stopped breathing. He gently touched her face with it and she let out an inaudible gasp.

She looked into his eyes feeling confused and afraid. His face was completely emotionless and his eyes were unblinking. “If you start disagreeing with me in front of them, it makes me look weak.” He said slowly rubbing the blood stains away from her face and she shivered from the cold. He dipped the cloth once more into the goblet and the water turned light red. “I can’t lose control Granger” he said pressing the cloth onto her face again and she took in a sharp intake of breath. “Not after seven years of hard work” He dragged the damp cloth over her skin and continued to stare at her with a blank expression. Her heart started to beat at a faster pace and a weird pulling sensation developed in her cheeks. Tom glided it over her nose and onto her left cheek. He started to move the wet cloth in circular motion and her breath quickened against her will.

One of his fingertips accidentally touched her cheek and she felt a shiver run down her spine. He immediately withdrew his hand with a frightened expression. “Evanesco” he said making the goblet vanish. He dried the hankerchief and held it out towards her. She didn’t move and stared at it unsure. “Take it” she took it from him with a shaky hand. “Dry your face” he said standing up. She did exactly as he said and patted the cloth over her face. She didn’t want to risk making him angry again when she was still wand less. He suddenly bent down to her level again. “Whatever happened tonight, whatever I said. Don’t repeat it to anyone.” He said commandingly. “Is that understood Granger?” she nodded automatically to say yes.

He removed the silencing spell and stood up abruptly. He threw her wand onto the floor and quietly disappeared into his room.
I Hope I will be able to draw everything enchantingelana included in this episode. I know it will take some hard work and a lot of time, but I am looking forward to it!



Unmasking the heir of Slytherin SUSAN

This is for my best author of the best fanfiction of Tom Riddle/Hermione Granger ever! I kind of had an inspiration and decided to draw something, and it is Hermione's friend Susan. She kind of looks shy here probably because some of the teachers caught her with the witch's perverted romance book. I hope you like this pic, enchantingelana.

P.S. I just drew this in my notebook in pancil so yeah. just saying. And here is the picture! 

"A Perfect Slave" PICTURES

Welcome! Here are some pictures from "A Perfect Slave" http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5084499/1/A_Perfect_Slave
This entry is mostly about chapter 3 of the story. It includes the slave dresses and clothings, but no images of the created slaves. If you're interested in the text I mention the famous people of the 90s (since the story of Harry Potter was during that time). You can just google images if you don't know how the famous person looks like.

Okay, here is the picture of Alyssa's dress but without all of the jewelry I mentioned in the fanfiction.

Here is the usual ancient slave clothing for every other Alyssa's clone


I have a new fanfiction! Woo-hoo! "A Perfect Slave" on fanfiction.net. Here, take a look : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5084499/1/A_Perfect_Slave

The story is about Alyssa Atkins, 16 year old MUTATNT who became Death Eaters' slave! Voldemort/OC, Rodolphus/OC, and little bit of slash with Mr. Lucius Malfoy and of course Mr. Draco Malfoy. Rated M for mature, kids!

So what made Voldemort suddenly want to keep Alyssa around? Well, after seeing her mother die poor girl could not control herself and unleashed the power within her, "the power of the great wizards" Voldemort called it.

And so she became a sex slave. Thank God she wasn't a virgin, that would have totally massed poor girl up. Perhaps, the only thing that kept Alyssa sane was her boyfriend Edward -- I mean, the hope of seeing him again and kissing him, hugging him, just being with "that wonderful boy."
The story is only 1 chapter, but I will type more, especially during the summer.

Here is also my drawn virsion of the story.
A Perfect Slave