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I have a new fanfiction! Woo-hoo! "A Perfect Slave" on fanfiction.net. Here, take a look : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5084499/1/A_Perfect_Slave

The story is about Alyssa Atkins, 16 year old MUTATNT who became Death Eaters' slave! Voldemort/OC, Rodolphus/OC, and little bit of slash with Mr. Lucius Malfoy and of course Mr. Draco Malfoy. Rated M for mature, kids!

So what made Voldemort suddenly want to keep Alyssa around? Well, after seeing her mother die poor girl could not control herself and unleashed the power within her, "the power of the great wizards" Voldemort called it.

And so she became a sex slave. Thank God she wasn't a virgin, that would have totally massed poor girl up. Perhaps, the only thing that kept Alyssa sane was her boyfriend Edward -- I mean, the hope of seeing him again and kissing him, hugging him, just being with "that wonderful boy."
The story is only 1 chapter, but I will type more, especially during the summer.

Here is also my drawn virsion of the story.
A Perfect Slave

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This is really good. I've added you to my favorites on fanfiction.net and I'm reading your story. One question though. What's that coming from Voldemort's hand? lol

a wand. and thank u for adding the story to ur faves

OH. haha I see it now. Sry, I'm a natural blonde. hehe

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